5 od drill pipe s 135 range 2

Specializes in 5 od drill pipe s 135 range 2. With 20 years of experience in manufacturing steel products we offer high quality, lower cost but the best service. These 5 od drill pipe s 135 range 2 are available in different shape size and thickness according to the needs of our customer. 5 od drill pipe s 135 range 2 have excellent quality to fully satisfy customer’s requirements.

  • Drill Pipe, 5" OD, S 135 Drilling Exchange

    Description. Drill Pipe,Used Premium, 5" OD, S 135 Wall Grade, 19.50 lb/ft, Range 2, NC50 Connection, average length of 31.5 ft. Pricing is $12.00/ft either by entire rack or by 500 joint minimum.

  • Welcome to Drill Pipe International, LLC

    Our Drill Pipe Manufacturing capability ranges from 2 3/8" to 6 5/8" Outer Diameter in steel grades E, X, G, S in range 1, Range2, & Range 3 lengths. Drill Pipes with Special Grade & Length are available on an individual orders.

  • Drill Pipes Drill Pipe Specifications

    drill pipe, drill pipes, API drill pipes. Drill Pipe Specifications

  • 5 inch Drill Pipe S 135 – Oil and Gas Equipment Sales

    New 5" drill pipe, 19.5 lb/ft, Grade S 135, Range 2, NC50 connections, Tool joint 6 5/8" OD x 2 3/4" ID, no hardbanding & no coating. Qty1550 joints.

  • 4 1/2 inch S 135 Drill Pipe ⋆ PetroRigs

    4 1/2”, 16.60#, s 135 range 2 grant prideco surplus new drill pipe, 12,000 joints in stock! specs4 1/2″ od .337″ wt 16.60 lb./ft. “h series” ieu upset range 2 grade s 135 drill string with (nc 46sst) pin 6 1/4″ od x 3″ id 9″ tong space with armacor m hardbanding & with smoothedge feature & with h–series benchmarks and (nc 46) box 6 1/4″ od x 3–1/4″ id 12″ tong space

  • Quail Tools Drillpipe Drill Pipe Rental Company

    Takes worlds first delivery of 5 7/8" Range 3 TurboFrac M 575 completion drill pipe. in September 2013 Quail takes delivery of its first string of "Wear Knot" Range 3 drill pipe. in May 2013 Photo Gallery

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    Industry leading Drill Pipe Supplier. If the drill pipe is manufactured, we can provide it at the best prices with the speed and quality you expect. In addition to our selection of new drill pipe and used drill pipe, we also supply a complete line of new and used drill collars, drill kellys, rotary tables, heavy weight drill pipe, and more

  • Classification versus strength of drill pipe

    Class 2The remaining wall shall not be less than 70% of the new specified wall. Class 3The wall thickness is less than the minimum for class 2. Let’s take an example and dig deeper into it. A 5” Drill pipe, grade S 135, 19.50 pounds per foot (ref. enclosed OWS spec. sheet) To calculate the tension capacity for a drill pipe you’ll have

  • Drill Pipe Black Diamond Drilling LLC

    For more information contact us at 432 934 3595 or email to [email protected]

  • XT 57 Prem Conn Grant Prideco 5 7/8 OD Drill Pipe S135 23

    5 7/8\\\” OD XT 57 Grant Prideco Premium Conn Used Double White Band Premium Drill Pipe, Grade S 135, 23.40 lbs per ft quality with existing hard banding and Internal plastic coating applied when new, Range 2, comes with NEW thread protectors and TH HILL DS 1 CAT5 Inspection Report. Quantity32,000 ft DeliveryReady Stock. This

  • Drill Pipe Tubular Goods For Sale Rent & Auction. Results

    We have 416 Drill Pipe Tubular Goods for sale at Tradequip. Search Drill Pipe Listings updated daily from manufacturers & private sellers. Login; Sell Now; Drill Pipe Premium 5" OD, 25.60ppf, S 135, Range II Drill Pipe with 4 1/2 IF Connections More Info. Genesis Oilfield Pipe & Supply LLC. New Iberia, LA (800) 310 5990

  • Drill Pipe Black Diamond Drilling LLC

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  • 4" OD S135 NC38 Drill Pipe Used Drilling Equipment

    The 4″ OD S135 NC38 Drill Pipe is used drill pipe with an outside diameter of 4″. It is grade S135, is 14 lbs per foot, and is double white band inspected. It has NC38 pin and box connection and is range

  • 6 5/8 inch Drill Pipe/ 168 Drill Pipe for HDD EBIC

    6 5/8 inch Drill Pipes; 27.70 lb/ft.; Grade S 135, 8 1/2 inch OD x 4 1/4 inch ID x 6 5/8 inch FH connections; Pin Tong Space length10 inch, Box Tong Space length13 inch, Range 2, with steel thread protectors.